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 Morocco Tours with graduated best Tour guides

We are Morocco best tour guides and we arrange best Morocco tours and activities. We belong to the Southern part of Morocco where the desert spreads apart. Our ancestors were nomads who grazed their sheep’s & camels from the edge to deep Sahara Desert.

Thanks to our school education, we graduated from Morocco tourism institutions and universities. This is a factor key to speak different languages and experience the opportunities of the modern life. This includes working in Moroccan hospitality: Tourism in Morocco.

Through extensive traveling across different corners of our country, we know Morocco very well and are happy to share our experiences to anybody wishing to explore the legendary Morocco and enjoy the best actvities in Morocco.

Why choosing to Tour Morocco with Morocco Itinerary guides? 

Your safety in Morocco: This comes as top priority.  Since it is recommended to hire a local driver in Morocco, our guides are safe and professionals.

We have more than 10 years experience touring Morocco and we take all precautions to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Avoid being hassled: we have organized trips with super friendly guides to enjoy free hassled tours that can be adjustd to your own pace.

 Courteous and informative: the guides will drive you to explore the best attractions. They explain things about places including history, rituals and customs.

We speak your langue’s: we provide you with English, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic, German…tour guides to get the most of your visit.

We made a promise to ourselves that you will be served with the best quality services and facilitate your trip arrangements to have a peace of mind. Just tour with us, see, enjoy and relax…we will do the rest for you!

Custom Morocco Tours: Because we have trips that can be partially of fully customized, you can choose many kinds of trips designed for foodies, adventurers, family, honeymooners, couples and culture lovers, ect.

Dynamic and professional: We are flexible and we can arrange Morocco tour plans according to your needs. We pride to be the best way to see Morocco!

Trip Activities

Book your Morocco trip with Morocco Itinerary Tours to enjoy attractions, Sahara desert, open landscapes …with the best guides who will integrate best activities to your plan to have a complete experience of Morocco.

Here are some of the activities you’ll enjoy with us:

Food trip:  Moroccan cooking class

tagineMorocco is, without doubt, home to the best cuisine in the entire planet. If you are foody and you like to cook, we recommended to spend some of your time preparing some of the most delicious traditional Moroccan dish.

We take you on a tour to have an introduction to Moroccan food and culinary culture. You get to cook your own tajine and other recipes using Moroccan spices to flavour your dish and accompanying with best Chef.

We can book your food tour and take a cooking class in one the best known Riads for cooking lessons in either Fes or Marrakech or even in a village in the Atlas Mountains.

You’ll be welcome with mind Tea, and get an introduction of ingredients and spices used for the recipe.

Or prepare your own Tajine while touring Morocco with us with a family on a warm atmosphere in a village and try the best authentic Moroccan food.

Airport transfer

We arrange airport transfer, and we are happy to meet you at any airport in Morocco. A tentative and careful driver will be on time to transfer you in a clean and well-maintained car. This enables you to save time and get to your hotel with peace of mind. Just give us a call, or  send us a message, and will be at the agreed spot to pick you up at the right time from the airport to the hotel or the other way round.

Historical city tours

Do you plan to visit Marrakech or take a city tour of Fes or any imperial city of Morocco?

Surely, you would like to enjoy your walking tour and you are excited to find out what each place surprises people with, However; you don’t know where to start. Thus, you’ll find our geniune guides to take you in an excelent journey around any Moroccan city.

6 days From Casablanca to Marrakech and Fes

Our informative and licenced guides will plan your walking tour and enjoy the vibrant alleys and Souk of the medina. According to your amount of time, we take you to many attractions that witness the richness of  Morocco history. You’ll have information about history, artifacts and daily life each city you visit.

You’ll explore the vibrant medina of Marrakech and enjoy the labyrinth of Fes old city. Walk and rest along the beach in Essaouira and feel the untouched architecture in Meknes.

You’ll take you to beautiful places like gardens, meuseums and all cultural aspects of Morocco.

Hammam in Morocco

hamamExperience going to a Moroccan hammam Spa treatment to relax after intensive journey, long flight or as an experience you have heard about Morocco and would not like to miss.  Traditional hammams are among the cultural and daily life experience for Moroccans living either in cities or villages. It is a way to clean oneself in a steam room in separated areas reserved for men and women.

Either you choose to do it by yourself or with the help of one person working inside the hammam, we will give you valuable recommendations of what to bring with you and what you expect in a Moroccan hammam (bath).

We recommend good hammams either public ones where you shower among other people or a private one in the medina of Marrakech like in Riads or hotels that have this option.

We recommend to bring you under wears, toiletry bags and personal creams. The people at the hammam supply with towels, black soap and flip flops.

Beside freaking, and cleaning your body, you can take a massage in one of the hammam we recommend.

Events in Morocco

If you visit Morocco for work or for leisure, our team are ready to help.

Our guides will put you in cultural aspects and give you the best recommendation.

We take you in nice cars or van to facilitate your displacements. We recommend best practices in Morocco for a successful event.

Leisure & entertainment

Each region or even small area of Morocco is known for  an annual celebration.  To acheive your dream of sharing festivities with locals, we suggest  special trips that target certain region at a certain time of the year to attend your favored Moroccan festival.

We take you to attend and enjoy celebrities in Morocco and discover the local rituals by attending many festivals. Few good examples: the festival of roses in Kalaa Mgouna or the festival of beautiful arts in Assilah.  Welcome!


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